Trust and safety

Whether a few days or several months, your stay is important. Important to you and important to us. Why leave anything to chance when you can book safely and with the professional garantees?

Renting with a trusted professional means you can rely on their local knowledge to ensure that your apartment is in a prime central location.

Furthermore, professional rentals are designed and equipped for temporary accommodation, offering the optimum comfort and amenities of your home away from home.

Finally, renting from an agency means you can rest assured of a professional service delivered by a responsive and enthusiastic team.

These statements of intent are backed by garantees.

The apartments listed on are all offered agencies that are members of the SPLM syndicate (

That means that the agencies and apartments automatically comply with the below charters of the SPLM:
  • Charter of assurance: from booking through check-in and to final check-out, you will be treated with all the responsiveness and consideration that you expect from a professional.
  • Charter of quality: your apartment will be as advertised ; the only surprises will be good ones.
  • Charter of good practise: payment, welcome, security deposit, service… all meet the standards of the SPLM syndicate, to ensure nothing is left to chance

With France-Pro-Rent, you can rest assured that your stay will be everything you expect and more.

Booking with France-Pro-Rent is not only safe, it is also easy. Instead of browsing individuel agency websites, you save time thanks to our centralized no-commission listing, bringing you the best of France’s apartments, all in one place.

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